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4 Bad Habits that Prevent Weight Loss

Getting into shape can be very challenging for most of us, but why is it is too easy to let our bodies fall into an unhealthy state. What makes this worse is that we are unaware that we have already fallen into a string of poor health habits which snowballs into a health condition.

Here are some of the habits that you may be unaware that you were already doing which overtime led you to put on too much weight.


There is a good reason why we call it comfort food; this is because we turn to it when we feel stressed. It gives the temporary relief by “nourishing” our emotions, but not necessarily our health. If you easily bend over the urge to indulge in any sinful binging, serving food as a distraction from dealing with the reality of our feelings can eventually lead to unhealthy consequences.

In order to overcome emotional eating, you have to discipline yourself to find other ways of coping with stressful situations. In some cases you might need the help of a personal coach or a psychotherapist. This is actually a smart action especially when it is already creating detrimental effects to your body. If you have to grab a bite, opt for healthier options instead.


One of the major problems with most adults today is the increasing incidences of cardiovascular problems. It can be largely attributed to the wrong choice of food, but one of the often overlooked causes is our everyday activity. Unfortunately most of us spend too much of our day sitting and little time sweating. From the couch potato to the average office employee, everyday is an intimate relationship between our behinds and the chair.

Spending too little time sweating it out can lead to serious conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. So as much as you spend time sitting, see to it that you also get your heart pumping and your body sweating to help you get rid of the stagnant calories.


The hectic schedule can lead us to take late meals or skip them entirely, causing you to load up more on your next intake. This can be very unhealthy in the long run. That is why it is very important to condition your body to have a regular eating schedule because it keeps your blood sugar levels stable. If you have to battle a multitude of stressors for the rest of the day, eating at regular times can also keep fatigue and hunger headaches at bay.

Take five small deals instead of having three big ones. Pack some healthy lunch and put in healthy snacks in between. A good choice of food is also crucial to keeping it healthy.


Short order meals or even gourmet can be bad to the health if you have this regularly. Although they may be convenient, they are however packed with staggering fat content. This can take a toll on your blood sugar levels and your heart which can eventually lead to very serious illnesses.

Your lifestyle may not give you the luxury of time to slave away in the kitchen preparing a healthy meal, but when you are out make sure that you go for healthy dining. You can also prepare your food ahead of time or have a stash of healthy snacks that you prepare over the weekend. If you think that you lack the nutrients that you need from your diet take a good multivitamin supplement to fill the gaps. 

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