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Multivitamin Supplements: Nutrients that Help Prevent Hair Loss

Hair loss is often regarded as a normal phenomenon as we are expected to shed a few hair strands daily. But there are cases where some individuals lose so much hair resulting to thinned out areas or bald spots. A common cause for hair loss is hormonal imbalance, but in other cases it is also the lack of nutrition. To improve your chances of growing strong and healthy hair, here are vitamins and minerals that you should be emphasizing on.


If you read through shampoo ingredients, you are most likely to come across biotin. This B vitamin is essential to promoting hair growth and strength. In fact thinning hair is even considered a warning sign for biotin deficiency. However such deficiencies are rare and is common among vegetarians since this is present in red meat. Other foods that are rich in biotin include almonds, berries, chicken eggs, carrots and goat’s milk.


Zinc is a mineral that is also important in hair growth. If found to be in low quantities zinc can cause hair loss, and this is most common among children and elderly individuals. Excellent food sources of zinc include red meat, oysters, shellfish, and even certain grains and legumes.


Low iron levels can also lead to hair loss most especially in women because they have an increased likelihood to experience anemia due to their monthly menstruation. That is why some are even advised to take supplements. But you can also get iron from food sources such as mollusks, liver, nuts, beans, whole grains, and dark leafy vegetables.

Vitamin D

This particular vitamin has receptors that play an important part in the hair growth cycle. That is why a deficiency creates a hairless gene mutation. Therefore if you want to keep your hair growing and healthy, this is certainly one vitamin that you need to have in healthy amounts. Getting some sunshine is a first step.

Vitamin C

The reason why vitamin C is essential to fending off hair loss is because of its anti-oxidant properties. Eating lemons, oranges, grapes and other citrus fruits is certainly a fun and yummy way to get that. Some may even get it from supplements. This is best taken together with iron because it enhances its absorption.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is also a very well known antioxidant and it also plays a very important role in promoting proper circulation. When this is guaranteed, oxygen and nutrient-rich blood is sure to be circulating thus making the hair strong and healthy. Instead of just ingesting vitamin E supplements, you can also apply certain oils or tonics which contain this to your scalp.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, a deficiency in omega-3 fatty acids is also linked to hair loss. Recent studies have indeed supported that this nutrient can aid the growth of healthy hair at a much faster rate. It aids in preventing baldness and the progression of hair loss. Rich sources of omega-3 include fish, shellfish, nuts, seeds and certain oils. Or you can also get omega-3 incorporated in some multivitamin supplements today.



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