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Multivitamin Supplements: Questions You Should Ask Before Taking Them

Why do you take multivitamin supplements? Is it because you’ve heard about it, or simply because you think that it will give you good health? But are you asking yourself the right questions as to how to optimize its list of benefits?

How much should I really take in a day? 

You might think that there is really no need to be deliberating about this since it is already indicated in the bottle as to how much you should be taking. But there are some of us who think that if one can make us healthy then having more is better. This is a big mistake that leads to vitamin overdose and toxicity which can result in very serious side effects (e.g. body malaise, gastrointestinal bleeding, uneven heart rate and increased urination), or even death.

There is a reason, which is grounded on research, why it is clearly stated as to how much you should be taking. So follow that specifically and don’t even take multiple multivitamin products. Because it will also do the same thing and your body can only absorb a certain amount of nutrient daily. Take calcium for instance, your body can only absorb 50% of it at a time.

Yes, you can overdose on vitamins and minerals and this will not be pretty. Don think that they can just make you all peachy; having too much will only be useless or highly dangerous. So if you have been taking more than is allowed and experiencing some discomfort, immediately report this to your physician for proper management.

How should I take these multivitamin supplements? 

The manner on how these multivitamin supplements are taken also determines their absorption rate and of course, their results. Follow the directions on the bottle, or according to your doctor’s instructions. The reason why I say this is that there are those who might need more, especially when proper blood testing is done to determine how much of certain vitamins, minerals and other elements you need to take.

Take it with a glass of water, after a meal or with it, in order to improve its absorption, or to prevent any stomach discomfort.

If it is in a chewable form or has to be dissolved before swallowing do this specifically. There is a reason for this and that is to improve its bioavailability. There are some supplements, especially those in liquid form that should also be taken together with certain fluids such as a juice or certain milk formulas for infants.

How should I store those multivitamins? 

Multivitamin supplements like any other pharmaceutical products are stored in dark colored bottles in order to protect its potency. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight or too much heat because this will reduce its benefits. Store it at room temperature away from moisture as well as freezing temperature. Also remember to keep them in their original container. And should you transfer it somewhere else, especially for those who are on the go, use a dry and colored container.

What should I do If I miss a dose? 

You really should not fret when you miss a dose of your multivitamin supplement. You simply just have to take the next dose right on schedule. Do not take a double dose to make up for what you’ve missed.

Is there anything I should avoid taking together with multivitamin supplements?

You should not take your multivitamin supplement together with milk or dairy products, calcium supplements and even antacids which contains calcium. This can hamper the ability of your body to absorb some nutrients. So be on the safe side, and take it together with a full glass of water.

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