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Multivitamins for Runners: List of Important Nutrients

Marathons are gaining much attention today with more and more individuals hitting the tracks either to reduce weight or just to improve stamina. For those who want to maintain endurance, stamina and overall health here are the list of supplements that runners like you would need.


Vitamins are the first most important nutrients if you want to keep your muscles in excellent condition. Each kind of vitamin functions to improve energy, cleanse the system and to keep your body strong. Vitamin A for instance promotes maintenance and repair of bones, which is important if you want to keep them strong enough to run.

Since running puts significant stress on the muscles on your feet, vitamin C is most beneficial in this area. The Achilles tendon which is at risk for tears and ruptures was found to be repaired with the help of vitamin C.

According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, vitamin D helps improve muscle function, efficiency, power and force, as evidenced by a study they did on adolescent girls.


Calcium is one mineral that definitely provides benefits for runners like you. It prevents osteoporosis (demineralization of the bone) and stress fractures by keeping your bones healthy and strong.

Iron is also another mineral that improves your energy level by delivering oxygen to the cells. This process prevents the feeling of weakness or fatigue making you more energized to run.

Most minerals are also electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium. These help your body to function more effectively and energetically. You release a lot of these in your sweat when running or when doing any active sports. That is why you need to ensure that you have adequate amounts of these in your system to maintain good performance.


Vitamins C and E which are potent antioxidants helps cleanse your cells thus keeping them healthy and in better shape for more strenuous activities. In addition to this, your body also releases free radicals which are harmful substances of oxidation as a result of exercise, and these antioxidants help flush out these harmful toxins. If they are kept in your body for too long this oxidative stress can weaken your immune system and ultimately your performance.

Strenuous activities are also known to deplete antioxidants in the body that is why you also need to replenish them.

Fatty Acids

If you want to have easier and greater mobility on your joints, fatty acids help lubricate and protect these areas to make them move and function with more ease. It prevents stiffness or injury and reduces chances of inflammation.


Running is an activity that exercises and heavily relies on the health of your cardiovascular system. Omega-3s help keep your heart healthy and to function optimally. A good daily dose of these nutrients will help your heart to endure long running distances and other strenuous activities.


Proteins are important for tissue repair and energy. Good sources are meat and legumes, and you can also maintain healthy amounts in your system from a complete multivitamin supplement.

A complete multivitamin supplement will certainly improve a runner’s performance. If you want to endure a 21K marathon with ease and a medal to boot, give yourself that daily dose and make sure to choose a good brand!

About the Author: Cynthia Wang Tan is a nurse journalist who advice readers like you who seek good and effective health tips and advice. To help you function with efficiency and better performance, a healthy lifestyle coupled with a reputable multivitamins (http://www.best-multivitamins-guide.com/)

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