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6 Weight Loss Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Reading so many weight loss information on the net can lead one’s judgement to be clouded from what is fact from fiction. If you are feeling the confusion, then you are not alone in this. That is why it is time to dispel some of the common myths out there.

Carbs are enemies 

When it comes to losing the excess weight, people easily blame it on carbohydrate intake. But really, instead of putting all the blame on carbs, its actually the amount of calorie intake versus the expenditure that packs on the pounds. You will get calories whether if you are loading on protein or carbs. For a healthy amount of serving, carbohydrates should make up 60% of your total calorie intake.


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Keep away from fats

So many people are confused with what the fat content in food really does to the body. The truth is that you really don’t have to avoid all fats. In fact, this is essential for proper function of the body, you just have to choose the healthy ones though.

The body is not equipped to produce some of the essential fatty acids that is why we have to get these from food. Healthy sources include plants, fish and other animal sources.

If you have heard of doctors advising about Omega-3 or Omega-6, these are actually saturated fats which are beneficial for the body. Aside from natural healthy sources you can also get this from supplements. Fats which are no longer in their natural state are the ones that create havoc to the body.

Labels such as “low fat” or “reduced fat” are healthier options

The next time you encounter such labels better think twice before fully trusting. Products that are dubbed to be “low fat” should actually meet a certain criteria, while “reduced fat” doesn’t necessarily have to meet that the same criteria.

Also, when you see that chips or drinks come with reduced fat content, it doesn’t make it any healthier. Compared to other natural food selections, you can do better than processed foods. Most of the time low-fat foods and beverages contain more sugar.

Drinking water can actually make you lose weight 

This statement is misleading because water in itself doesn’t make you lose weight, but only help you achieve that. In some cases we interpret thirst for hunger that is why instead of just gulping a glass of water, you end up with something heavier. Experts would advise that drinking two litres of fluid a day. So every time you feel hunger pangs coming on, try drinking a glass of water first.

Removing snacks out of your daily food intake helps you lose weight better 

Eating your snack isn’t really the concern when it comes to weight loss, it is what you are snacking on that could be the problem. Instead of eliminating snacks entirely, it is even healthy to divide your intake into 6 small frequent feedings throughout the day instead of three large meals. This maintains your energy level and it also helps in stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

A radical and stringent exercise regimen can shed off the excess pounds 

We just want to get rid of the stubborn weight that we readily turn to rigorous weight loss exercise programs. But you really don’t have to beat yourself up just to overcome that relentless bulge. You can take it slow, especially if you are one who is just starting an exercise regimen.

This allows your body to adjust to the activity level and progress over time. Don’t strain your system, but rather push it to new levels once you feel that you are already getting comfortable with the amount and intensity of exercise that you are doing. Don’t immediately dive into the hard game, cut yourself some slack, and you’ll even find yourself enjoying the activity in the long run!

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