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What is FDA?

FDA stands for Food and Drug Administration, an agency that ensures the safety, of certain important products that are in the market. The people behind it range from field inspectors to chemists, all working to guarantee the public a safe and effective use of these products.

Through their list of protocols and standards they see to it that biological products, human and veterinary drugs, medical devices, cosmetics, products that emit radiation and national food supply are safe, sanitary, secure and effective.

FDA is part of the Department of Health and Human Services under the Federal Food and Drugs Act. This act was in response to the consumer’s increasing concern towards the safety and efficacy of the manufactured products in America, after certain publications questioned it. The hue and cry from the citizens has pushed the government to make an agency that will safeguard them against deleterious effects of unauthorized products.

One important concern of this agency is to keep watch on the public wellbeing especially with the deluge of innovations, products, and studies. They also see to it that these advancements, especially with medicines are safe, effective and affordable. They are the ones who make sure that the final outcome is sturdily grounded on scientific evidences for it to be guaranteed safe for public use. With this, consumers are given the assurance that they are receiving a product that is not haphazardly done, but is something that is legitimate and effective.

They have the authority to recall products, if they pose a certain danger, and they can also issue warnings as soon as they find new evidences about a product’s function.

Without the FDA, any company can come up with own invention or products and present them to be very effective, deceiving especially those gullible consumers. There will be no restrictions on those drugs that may have serious side effects and no one to ensure that a product is unadulterated and is presented to us in an honest manner.

The FDA also promotes the development of medical products that will answer to any emergent public health threat or concern. For example, the development of good and effective multivitamins have been widely available in the market, and this is in response to the increasing problems on malnutrition among children. Antiretroviral drugs for AIDS have also been deemed safe and effective to treat symptoms, and this can be supported by the FDA. Overtime, the agency is a consumer’s source of assurance for a product’s credibility.

The agency’s function however is limited and does not include regulating illegal street drugs, consumer products, advertising, health insurance, alcohol, grocery stores, pesticides, water, meat and poultry; except for game meats. It also does not regulate supplements resulting to a market that is teeming with questionable brands.

From the make-up that you put on, your dog’s vaccination, to the slimming pill that you may be popping every morning, all these are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. And thanks to them, you are safe to use these products.

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