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Xtend-Life’s Prostate-Support Review

xtend-life's prostate-support

Prostate cancer comes second to skin cancer as one of the most common neoplastic diseases in American men. It is estimated that in 2017 there will be around 161,360 new cases and a mortality rate of approximately 26,730.  Even without the threat of cancer, conditions like Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) also pose a health risk widely prevalent among men even as young as 30. So, how should a guy respond to this reality? Xtend-Life’s Prostate-Support brings an option to the table, let’s see if this should be yours too.

Left Prostrate by Prostate Problems?

Developing as a strictly age-related phenomenon in most men, BPH often starts out at age 40. However, studies revealed that it also affects men in their 30s, and the risk only increases with age. Ignoring the warning signs of BPH can lead to kidney or bladder problems. For some, more troubling symptoms could mean a more serious problem. For instance, a difficulty in passing urine, dribbling, low back pain or a painful ejaculation could point to cancer. However, nothing is conclusive without diagnostic tests. But are you only going to take action when it is already too late?

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. What then are you doing about the health of your prostate?

There are several ways to keep your prostate in optimum condition, one of which is regular Prostate Self Exam (PSE). This will help you be more familiar with the anatomy of your prostate, allowing you to spot any abnormalities that will occur later on.

Nutrition is also an integral part of prostate health – one that Xtend-Life’s Prostate- Support promotes. It is an easier way to steer clear from potential problems later on, but let’s see how it does that.

Xtend-Life’s Prostate-Support

The product has been marketed to promote a healthy prostate, improve sexual health and improve sleep. It particularly targets men who are around 40 years old because this is the time when most guys experience symptoms of prostate enlargement. If you notice those bathroom visits at night getting more frequent, then you should strongly consider making some preventative efforts.

Propecia is the pharmacological treatment used in such cases, however, it has been found that it can cause sexual side effects such as impotence, loss of interest in sex, and abnormal ejaculation among many others.

Xtend-Life’s Prostate-Support may not replace the therapeutic effects of medications, but it claims to be a reliable approach to promoting a healthier prostate. In that respect, this product is not a treatment but rather falls under the category of disease prevention and health promotion.


Surprisingly, this product is unlike the usual Xtend-Life recipe where you would find a long list of superfoods packed into one bottle. This, however, give us a rather short list with just Stinging Nettle Root Extract and Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract. Having pored through other similar products, these two are among the common ingredients in supplements that are concocted for this purpose.

Stinging Nettle is a herbaceous plant which thrives in temperate climates. It has long been lauded for its herbal benefits such as joint health support, digestive health promotion, allergies, and prostate health support. Widely popular in Europe as a treatment for BPH, this ingredient is found to induce such effects when used in combination with saw palmetto. It is nature’s version of Finasteride because it also slows down the action of certain prostate cells. Furthermore, a 2013 study showed that stinging nettle is effective in relieving the clinical symptoms in BPH patients.

In itself, stinging nettle certainly puts a “sting” to an enlarged prostate. It is backed by years of effective relief and several clinical studies. This makes for a good assurance for consumers – a natural solution backed by scientific evidence.

Saw Palmetto has a different story because studies show mixed results regarding its effects in treating BPH. It has been said to relieve symptoms such as frequent urination, nocturnal urination,  and problems with initiating or maintaining urination. It has even claimed that it also has the same action as Finasteride, minus the side effects. However, results are also deemed inconclusive due to the short duration of the study.

Experts say that the saw palmetto extract was no better than a placebo in relieving symptoms. Conversely, it was also claimed that other formulations could be helpful – and this could be where Prostate-Support fits in. As mentioned earlier, it promotes a synergistic effect with stinging nettle.

It is also emphasized by the company that, like most of their products, this supplement does not contain soy, peanut, egg, gluten or dairy.


A bottle of Xtend-Life’s Prostate-Support contains 60 capsules, with a recommended daily serving of 2 capsules before dinner. This means that a bottle will last you an entire month, although it was mentioned that dosage can be doubled for faster results.

Xtend-Life’s website advised that this product combines well with Omega-3 Fish Oil products and their very own Total Balance. That sure is a whole lot of goodness with the impressive formula these supplements contain, however, on the whole it may be expensive for some. However, if you have pennies to spare this can be a worthy investment. It should be noted that this is to your discretion only because it is not mentioned that Prostate-Support should be taken with the other supplements.


A bottle costs USD 25.75 or USD 23.18 if you are a member of the Xtend-Life website. In comparison to other similar products, Prostate-Support belongs to the mid-range price – so it’s not bad.


One matter that raises concern is on double dosing to promote faster results. Drinking four capsules in one day seems too much, and the possibility of certain side effects might be possible. How can we say that this is a safer choice? If these two together is deemed to be a potent treatment, could it also pose some untoward reactions?

Yes, the use of herbs may be a time-honored practice to boost one’s health and in managing diseases, but it is also true that herbs trigger side effects.

There isn’t much that you can find about this product, aside from the information found on their website.

Final Thoughts

Xtend-Life’s Prostate-Support provides a  straightforward approach in “naturally” promoting a healthy prostate which consequently prevents potential problems. They brought together two popular natural remedies that have been used for several years to manage prostate concerns. Adding to that, these have also been under the scrutinizing eyes of science.

The price is well within reasonable range, and it’s good that one has the option of membership to avail of discounted prices. However, buying the product seems like a business investment where returns are not certain. But what would be a strong assurance to hold on to would be the quality that Xtend-Life has been known for. So if you have to put your money in any of these baskets, I find it to be in good hands with this product.

Would I recommend this to friends and family. Yes, but with caution. Should any untoward reactions occur in the course of you finishing your bottle, promptly seek medical help. Furthermore,  if you are taking maintenance medications, consult your physician if any of the ingredients found in Prostate-Support is contraindicated.

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Photo Source: Xtend-life.com