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Xtend-Life’s Zupafood Elite Review

zupafood elite


If you are living on a rigid schedule that would have you working like a horse, this just might be the energy boost you need. You know how we are sometimes driven to the edge with all these things that we juggle in our lives. So, how do you keep up?

Xtend-Life’s Zupafood Elite presents itself to be the magic bullet to help you get through your day. So let’s pore over it to see if it really is worth your penny by giving you the good stuff you need.

How do you conquer your days?

Caffeine has always been the popular choice to perk one up as they start the day or as they try to get over that afternoon slump. However, as much as it has its own dose of magic it also comes with a catch, such as an altered sleep cycle. Furthermore, having too much caffeine in your system can result in a spectrum of clinical symptoms such as nervousness, sensory disturbances, irritability, elevated heart rate and respiration, and gastrointestinal disturbances.

This can be disheartening for most of us who rely so much on coffee to get on the day’s work. But is it really the only way? Zupafood Elite comes in as a healthy alternative to help you conquer the daily slump, and then some.

Xtend-Life’s Zupafood Elite

Just like what spinach does to Popeye, this drink claims to give you “Vitality, Energy, and Immunity.” It dubs itself to give you benefits of superfoods to make you look younger, fitter, and maintain brain health – an overall health tonic.

Zupafood Elite is a dietary supplement which comes in a packet that is loaded with a rather extensive list of nutrients which constitutes a unique blend of superfoods. It has been said that aside from providing brain and energy boost, it also makes for a good addition to your beauty arsenal.

What goodness is there in every cup?

Upon close inspection, Zupafood Elite boasts of an extensive list of ingredients all harvested from New Zealand, typical of the Xtend-Life formula. The company has earned a name in the industry using home-grown products known for its impeccable quality and purity. So that in itself, is a promising thought to consider when comparing this to other drink supplement.

The ingredient’s list contain the following:

Grape  Juice Powder, Seed Extract and Grape Skin Extract

Xtend-Life uses New Zealand grapes harvested from Marlborough Island, one of the best grape regions in the world. Why? Well, thanks to the disrupted ozone layer at this part of the world, these vineyards get an extra dose of sunlight which means the grapes are loaded with antioxidants more than anywhere in the world. Furthermore, it has been said the processing plants use only natural water instead of ethanol, resulting in a pure extraction process for the grape seed nutrients.

Organic Wheat Grass

It has been said that wheat grass contains around 13 essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for our daily function – perfect for people who are always on the go. It earned its place among the list of superfoods because it also contains several trace enzymes, gluco-protein, and other elements that promote a stronger immune system and healthy circulation.

It has also been the brand’s claim that having harvested the purest wheat grass. Zupafood Elite’s preparation does not contain gluten, which is why you don’t have to worry about allergic reactions.

Kiwifruit Extract and Powder

These two preparations act synergistically to give your body the necessary enzymes and phenolics  to aid your body to function optimally throughout the day.

Organic Barley Grass

Another known superfood, this ingredient fends off harmful free radicals in our system, which is the primary reason behind that midday slump and other inflammatory response to stress. As it has been known, organic barley also possess organic sodium which promotes healthier joints as you age – perfect for all those rushing around!

Apple Fiber Powder

It is known to aid digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. This is also responsible for giving the drink a more palatable flavour.

Organic Mushroom Blend

The company has not elaborated much on this ingredient, but as per reading, it is known to promote a stronger immune system – a powerful therapeutic punch!


It is composed of marine collagen and elastin polypeptides which strengthens the proteins in your skin enhancing its tensile strength and hydration.

Aquamin TG

It is an excellent source of marine calcium obtained from red algae, which is a marine plant that is found only in 3 parts of the world. It is teeming with essential trace elements such as zinc, iron, magnesium and selenium among many others. All these nutrients help in promoting even as you age.

Green Tea Extract

This ingredient has long been touted to contain a great deal of antioxidants and natural caffeine. It just might help you with the boost you need to improve energy levels, but in a more healthy means, unlike coffee or soda.

Organic Chlorella

This ingredient aids in promoting optimum digestive function allowing you to get rid of your natural waste most effectively. It also aids in promoting a healthy gut, better energy levels and it is also believed to improve one’s mood.  This is also known to be helpful for those who are struggling with high blood pressure levels.

Organic Spirullina

Spirullina, of the pure kind, this ingredient contains a healthy dose of Gamma-linoleic acid(GLA) which aids in improving the immune system and its functions. It also helps in managing inflammatory processes in the body that may result in certain conditions or illnesses.

Given these list of functions and benefits, it can be gleaned that Xtend-Life’s Zupafood Elite is a promising option for your daily health maintenance to keep your inner machine running. Moreover, it promotes a healthier functioning system thanks to that impressive list of ingredients.

Bottoms up!

The good thing about it is that it comes in easy-to-drink packets which you can mix either with water or any drink of choice. What aids in the taste is the addition of concentrated fruits in every pack to improve the taste. So don’t judge the green slimy appearance because it does give you an agreeable taste with a distinct hint of apple.

All you need is one packet a day for the needed energy boost and the consequent benefits it does for your health in general, although it is perfectly fine to drink 2 or 3 packets. The company explains further that you can drink more than one packet of any Zupafood products.

Unlike the sudden boost of energy that coffee provides, and the subsequent draining of the same, this actually does the total opposite – so it might not give you the same cause for worry.


Each packet contains 10,000 mg of powder, and a box comes with 30 packets which are good for a month’s use. This would cost you $64.35, but if you are a member, it would only be for $57.92. It is rather pricey, but it does the job way more than just to keep you awake.

Is it a good buy?

Coffee and other caffeinated beverages may boost your energy levels for some time, but it will not perk you up for the day. This, on the other hand, manages your system so that you last the day with optimum energy levels thanks to a healthy system.

It also doesn’t leave your skin dry or wrinkly as caffeine would, but rather give it the necessary moisture thanks to the antioxidants and teeming nutrients incorporated in its formula.

In conclusion…

Xtend-Life’s Zupafood Elite has an impressive formula, and thanks to company’s consideration, they took the pains of addressing concerns regarding taste. There have been several positive feedback on that matter from others who have used it as well. So, it is not something you have to endure, but a drink you can enjoy taking.

The price factor might be a bit much, but if it does what it promises, it is definitely worth your penny. If you do the math, your venti cup would cost more than a packet but the latter gives you so much more than just a momentary boost of energy. Therefore, it makes for a better investment.

It gives you excellent energy levels without compromising your skin as you would expect with having so much caffeine in your system.

I say drink up, this just might be the health and energy boost you need for your arsenal.Find out more about Xtend-Life’s Zupafood Elite click here, or subscribe to our blog for the latest reviews.

Photo Source: Xtend-Life